NZ Tech Company Capital Raises in 2020/2021

We're proud to work with some of New Zealand's fastest companies. Read about their most recent raises.

Ryan McMillan

We may be at the bottom of the world, but that hasn’t stopped New Zealand's thriving tech industry from growing at lightning speed. And, while Covid19 may have upset global supply chains, it hasn’t stopped those same companies from raising millions of dollars in equity.

At Atlas Digital we’re proud to have played a part in the story in some of these businesses. We’ve helped with customer acquisition through SEO, paid search, paid social media, email nurturing and chatbots. As growing tech businesses, they needed to acquire customers fast to reach the necessary milestones for these capital raises.

Here are some of the success stories we’re proud to be a part of:

Landlord Studio

Being a landlord comes with a lot of admin. Accounting and management for any size portfolio can take time. That’s where Landlord Studio steps in. By using their one-stop shop for expenses and rental tracking you can ditch the spreadsheets. You can even send reminders, create financial reports and screen tenants.


If you are a retailer with an online and offline presence, ensuring a seamless customer journey will bring you higher returns. Marsello allows you to engage with customers no matter where they are with automated, targeted messaging that drives sales and increases loyalty.

Partnering with Trestle, Marsello raised funds early in 2021. Trestle, a private equity firm that specifically focuses on SaaS businesses, is the perfect partner for Marsello. Seeing the ROI that they provide for their customers was the big selling point for the Trestle team — retailers who use Marsello see a 45% return.


Financial institutions have seen a major shake-up as smaller players enter their industry. These companies are more nimble and often have a more narrow focus than banks trying to offer all financial services under one roof. Sharesies is one such company, offering Kiwis the ability to buy and sell shares. They began with the NZ exchange and have since expanded to offer US stocks.

This capital raise saw them access $25 million NZD, from both new and existing investors. Their investors now include Trade Me, Stephen Tindall's investment company K1W1 and Icehouse Ventures. With the growth in interest in shares, the company has seen more consumers come on board. They are now also looking to expand into Australia. This will give them access to a new pool of potential customers and further growth opportunities.


The future of farming is here and it’s embracing technology that makes farming easier and more efficient. Using solar-powered collars, Halter helps farmers monitor the health and location of their herd. They are also able to build digital fences to help manage grazing and move mobs. Less time spent following cows and better management of feed means an overall all more productive farm.

Backed by New Zealand based Icehouse Ventures and Peter Beck from Rocket Lab alongside US-based venture fund Data Collective, Halter raised $32 million NZD in April 2021 in a Series B round. With the huge demand from local farmers, the company is looking to hire 115 people to help build and scale up the technology and production.


As the world pushes into the digital space, businesses are starting to better understand the importance of online security. FingerprintJS developed technology to identify all visitors to their customer’s website, even those using incognito windows or VPNs. By embedding their API into a website, organizations can prevent issues like online fraud, spam and account takeovers.

In February this year, the team at FingerprintJS raised a further $8 million USD in a Series A round. This brings their overall total raised to $12 million. With this funding, they will continue to build their enterprise client base. They’ll also look to develop additional fraud prevention tools to better support their existing clients.


No matter the size of your project, Runn can help you achieve it. Helping to streamline processes, manage workload and plan resources, their service is designed to get businesses out of spreadsheets. Whether you need financial forecasting, project management software or timesheets, their software can help.

Runn raised a seed round of funding in late 2021.

Upcoming Capital Raises


Looking to help small health practices manage their day to day activities, Carepatron helps streamline processes. Designed to help virtual and in-office practices manage client records, book appointments and automate workflow Carepatron can help medical professionals spend more time with patients and less time with paperwork.

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