Lift Off by Atlas

The free program to help local startups go global.

Lift Off by Atlas helps one startup each month with their marketing. Could you be next?

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How it works

We're paying it forward by helping new startups with their digital marketing.

Join our waitlist and get 5-10 hours of free consulting work from Atlas Digital across 3 simple phases.

1. Discovery

Online session to learn more about your business, goals, and marketing.

2. Blueprint

We identify key marketing shifts to make, and provide the blueprint to get you there.

3. Execute

We help to execute some activity, and set you up to execute the rest.

Who is it for?

Our criteria isn't fixed, so don't count yourself out. As a general guide, Lift off by Atlas will best serve companies that:

Haven't done a capital or initial seed round
Small teams (less than 10)
Founder-run marketing or single marketing person in the team
$100k ARR or less
Some paying customers
Placements are limited
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Clients we work with

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Our why

Every single day we work with some of New Zealand's fastest growing startups.

That got us thinking, how do we help the next generation of startups in New Zealand drive their customer acquistition and get on the path to become the startup ecosystem's next success story?

Enter Lift off by Atlas. A unique and free program to drive customer growth by helping selected startups build up their acquisition campaigns.

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